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Dhokra-Elephant Dhokra-Elephant Dhokra-Elephant
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The folk art of Dhokra is widely known as one of the most ancient art forms in human history. Looking at the numerous figurines, one feels that the large bridge of time with our ancestors is somewhat diminished. It is amazing that the same methodology is still used to create expressions of human creativity and its representation of humans, animals and other objects. 

While it is an elaborate art, here is a simple description. The process is called “lost wax”. Essentially a clay mould is made which represents the figure that is desired. Then bee wax is used to wrap around the mould and all the intricate design is created on the wax itself. Another layer of clay is carefully applied on the wax. The wax is then drained out by heating and it flows out of holes that have been created for the same. The final step is to fill up the hollow with molten brass that then that takes up the shape and design left behind by the wax.

Amazing Factor : The art form has remained the same for approx. 4000 years! 

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Shipping: 5-7 Business Days
Weight: 400 gm
Material/Crafted In: Bell Metal
Care: Wipe it clean with dry cotton cloth. Use coconut oil for extra shine.
Vendor: Curonation Concepts
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